Sunsynk 8kW 1 Phase Hybrid Inverter - City of Cape Town Approved

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Sunsynk 8kW 1P Hybrid PV Inverter 48v C/W Wifi Dongle IP65

The Sunsynk 8kW 1P Hybrid PV Inverter 48v C/W Wifi Dongle IP65 is a highly efficient power management tool that allows the user to hit those ‘parity’ targets by managing power coming from multiple sources such as solar, mains grid and generator and then effectively storing and releasing electric power as the utilities require.

(One of our favorites a true monster)

Sunsynk Hybrid Inverter 8kW Datasheet

Installation Manual


  • 220V single phase, pure sine wave inverter
  • Self consumption & feed-in to the grid
  • Auto re-start while AC is recovering
  • Programmable supply priority for battery or grid
  • Programmable multiple operation modes; on-grid / off-grid & UPS
  • Configurable battery charging – current / voltage based on applications by LCD setting
  • Configurable AC / solar / generator charger priority by LCD setting
  • Compatible with mains voltage or generator power
  • Overload / over-temperature / short-circuit protection
  • Smart battery charger designer optimised battery protection
  • Limit-function installed to prevent excess power overflow to grid
  • Supporting Wi-Fi monitoring and built-in 2 strings of MPP trackers
  • Smart settable 3-stage MPPT charging for optimised battery performance
  • Time of use function
  • Smart load function
  • Dual MPPT design.
  • Compatible with most Li-ion and lead-acid batteries.
  • Zero export function.
  • Parallels up to 16 x inverters on a single phase.
  • Essential and Non-Essential Loads outputs.
  • Comes with the Wi-Fi logger and CT as standard.

    Weight:36 kg
    Rated Power:8,000 W
    Min PPT Voltage:125 V
    Max PPT Voltage:425 V
    DC Startup Voltage:150 VDC
    Shutdown Voltage:150 V
    Max Input Voltage:500 V
    Max DC Power:10,400 W
    Max AC Power (5 Minutes):8,800 W
    Surge AC Power (1 Second):12,000 W
    Max DC Current:44 A
    Max DC Inputs:4
    Has DC Fuses:0
    Connector:Screw Terminal  
    Included Connectors:0
    Euro Efficiency:96.5 %
    MPPT Quantity :2
    Has Integrated DC Switch:Yes
    Warranty:5 years

    Equipment warranty registration needs to take place within 7 (seven) days of commissioning of the project, failure to register the warranty may result in the warranty being made void
    For firmware updates, ensure that the inverter is on bypass mode and the PV is off. Failure to do this may damage your inverter.
    This product must be installed by a qualified electrician/technician. All installations must adhere to local wiring regulations and standards. RSA Bardo Electrical will not be held liable for any product malfunctions as a result of incorrectly installed systems.

    It is recommended that the correct size output breaker as per SANS10142-1 is used with this inverter.

    Inverter max pass through current – 50A Recommended circuit breaker size - 40A

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