Sunsynk Bi-directional Inverter

Sunsynk has invented a new type of inverter, called a bi-directional inverter. It is a device that connects the battery and your mains AC connection. This allows you to fast charge a storage battery during the day when AC power is cheap, saving the excess power that you’re not using, so that you can use your stored power in the evenings when energy prices are higher.

An additional device called a CT coil, which is included with the inverter, is used to detect any power that is not being exported and prevent it from feeding back to the mains.

What if I already have solar panels?

If you have solar panels then even better, but it’s not necessary. The energy from the solar panels can be connected to the inverter directly or if you have an existing system our inverter can be added alongside it.

When the sun is shining the excess power that you are not using will be used to charge your battery. Without the battery storage, you may be selling your excess electricity during the daytime for a few pence per kilowatt-hour. As for in the evening you could be buying the power back from the electricity company at more than 20 times the price.

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