Pylontech Lithium Ion Battery UP5000 4.8kWh 48V

Sale priceR 30,500.00


Pylontech Lithium Ion Battery UP5000 4.8kWh 48V

Product Features

  •   Modular design for ease of expansion
  • · Higher usable capacity resulting in less battery modules installed
  • · Usable capacity 4 560Wh
  • · Parallel Capability of up to 16 units
  • · Allows for large installation of up to 72.96kWh with no LV Hub
  • · Intelligent BMS protecting battery cells
  • · 95% DoD with more usable capacity
  • · RS485 and CAN compatible
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty non-extendable

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Brochure          User Manual           Compatibility Inverter List


MAX DISCHARGE RATE IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR +- 60 SECONDS The maximum allowed voltage is 53.5V, please ensure that you check the inverter settings are below this BEFORE plugging in the UTILITY/SOLAR to the inverter.

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