K&N Single String DC Switch Disconnector 25A 450V - 18A 800V

Sale priceR 1,380.00


Kraus & Naimer DC Switch

Switch - Disconnectors, 2 pole - for single string

            IP66/67 Protection

            Black/Grey Padlockable Handle – lockable in the OFF-position

            Class II compliant, Grey Insulated Enclosure

            Switch Interlocked with lid to prevent opening in “ON” position

            Rated for use in ambient temperatures of 50°C

Plastic enclosures, protection IP66/67, totally insulated, knock-outs Black handle, grey plate packing Contact development: 2 pole, 4 contacts per circuit (2 x 2 in series) Dimensions (w x h x d): 85mm x 160mm X 82mm

Rated Power:6,000 W
Max Cable:6 mm2
Max Voltage:920 V
Rated Current:25 A
Rated Voltage:450 V
Rated Current:21 A
Rated Voltage:500 V
Rated Current:20 A
Rated Voltage:650 V
Rated Current:18 A
Rated Voltage:800 V
Rated Current:11 A
Rated Voltage:920 V

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