FoxESS 10kW IP65 High Voltage Single Phase Hybrid Inverter with Wi-Fi

Sale priceR 39,000.00


The FoxESS KH10 is a stylish 10kW single phase IP65 full hybrid inverter. The Fox KH10 uses high voltage batteries for maximum round-trip efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your solar system.

The FoxESS KH10 is easy to install, saving you valuable time on site. The FoxESS Cloud allows for easy remote monitoring and control, making it a breeze to support remotely. 

FoxESS KH10 Features

  • Uses high voltage IP65 batteries EC2800
  • IP65 rated solution - suitable for outdoor installations
  • Remote monitoring via web portal or smartphone with included Wi-Fi dongle
  • Natural cooling - ensure quiet operation
  • Quad MPPT - optimal solar production
  • Built in Type II AC & DC surge protection

CT clamp is included in the box for zero export control.

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