Sunsynk 5Kw Inverter plus 2 x 5.32Kw Sunsynk Batteries

Sale priceR 94,000.00


Combination Deal. Great for 3 bedroom apartment or home. Plenty battery storage to get through Stage 4 and worse.

The Sunsynk 5kW hybrid Inverter is the ideal inverter for managing power flow from multiple sources such as solar, mains grid, battery, and generator. 

The Sunsynk 5kW 1P Hybrid PV Inverter is ideal for powering TVs, decoders, computer equipment and appliances that consume more energy such as fridges, and microwaves.


2 x Sunsynk lithium-iron phosphate 5.12kWh batteries. This is one of the new energy storage products developed and produced by SUNSYNK. It is especially suitable for application scenarios of high power, limited installation space, and long cycle life. It can be used to support reliable power for various types of equipment and systems.

Free Delivery around Cape Town.

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