Sunsynk 50kW HV Three Phase Hybrid Inverter - City of Cape Town Approved

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The Sunsynk 50kW three-phase high voltage hybrid Inverter is the ideal commercial inverter for managing power flow from multiple sources such as solar, main electrical grid and generator.

Rated Power : 50 000w

Max Solar Input : 65 000w

No of MPPT  : 4

MPPT Voltage : 150 -850w

Startup Voltage : 180V

Max DC Voltage: 1000v

Effeciency : 97.6%

  • Four MPPT trackers giving allowance to flexible PV array configurations.
  • Allows DC oversizing up to 30% more than the rated AC power.
  • Unit can be operated without batteries (using PV and grid power).
  • Supports Wi-Fi remote monitoring as standard.
  • Type II DC/AC SPD as standard.
  • Overload, over temperature and short circuit protection as standard.

Data Sheet

The Inverter Can Only Be Ordered Under These Conditions:

  • The installer must be registered with the DOL (Department of Labor)
  • The installer must be three-phase qualified.
  • A HV training course must have been attended with the battery manufacturer they plan to use on the installation i.e., Freedom Won.

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