KODAK Solar VMIII 3kW with Pylon UP2500 Off-Grid System

Sale priceR 21,900.00


This part is a special offer made up of the following items:

1 x PYLON-UP2500-CAN Pylon UP2500 2.84kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery 24V
with CAN connection
1 x OG3.24 KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter VMIII 3kW 24V


Exceptional value domestic scale off-grid backup system with Kodak inverter and the reliable Pylontech battery storage. Everything you need to deliver a solid system with great home-owner brands recognition at a discount.  

Both units offer a quality with excellent USPs at an amazing price.


  • Removable LCD control module with multiple communications servers and ATM
  • Built-in Bluetooth for mobile monitoring (Android App is available)
  • Replaceable fan design for ease of maintenance
  • Supply load from Grid or PV, even battery is not available
  • Configurable AC/PV output usage timer and prioritization
  • Selectable high power charging current
  • Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
  • Compatible to Utility Mains or generator input Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • Cold start function


  • Modular design for ease of expansion.
  • 6000 cycles at 90% DOD.(temp: 25 degrees).
  • Usable capacity 2550Wh.
  • Parallel capability of up to 20 units.
  • 15-year design life.
  • 5-year standard product warranty

Please note that this battery can only discharge at 0.5C, 55A which is 1320W. Therefore your peak load may not exceed 1320W, unless another battery is added.

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