Basic Inverter and Battery Supply and Installation (5kw)

Sale priceR 89,000.00


Professional Installation of Inverter & Battery System 5Kw plus 5Kwh Lithium Battery

1 x Sunsynk 5kW 1 Phase Hybrid Inverter- City of Cape Town Approved (10 Year Warrantee)

1 x Sunsynk 5.12kWh 51.2V Lithium Ion Battery (10 Year Warrantee)

Installation of a Sunsynk 5 Kw Single Phase Inverter and Battery Back up System.

3. Must be installed within 10 Meters of the Main Distribution Board as Current Transformers must be connected around the Mains Cable.

4. The Sunsynk Lithum Battery (Wall Mount) must be installed within 1.5 Meters of the Inverter. This is due to the communication and data cable that drives the Battery Management System.

5. A separate Surface Mount Distribution Board, termed the AC Inverter DB, needs to also be installed near the Inverter. This new distribution board will house all the essential (dedicated) circuits and Circuit Breakers. 

6. A Change Over Switch will also be housed in this new surface distribution board.
    This Change Over Switch is only changed manually in an event of an inverter failure.

7. A Double Pole DC Fuse Isolator to be mounted next to the battery, for protection.

8. All AC and DC cables to be separate from each other.

9. Installation of the WiFi Dongle and setting up of the App for the Customer.

10. Testing, Commissioning and training of Customer and issuing of the Certificate of            Compliance. 

11. 3 to Four Days Installation

Note: It is recommended that no appliances that are high rated (mostly with an element) should be connected to the inverter. 

This price includes the deliver and installation withing the Cape Town Metropolitan Area.

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