Three things you should know about choosing a battery

The power rating and depth of discharge. Generally, batteries used in our power storage systems are lithium phosphate. Most batteries are sold by giving them a Kilo-Watt Hour (KWH) Rating. The larger KWH will mean bigger battery systems.

Sunsynk batteries are sold in 5.2KWH building blocks, meaning that the batteries can store and release 5.2kW hour of power.

The battery size that best suits you depends on your monthly power consumption and the size of your solar array (if you have solar panels).

Lithium Phosphate Battery.48.png

If you choose to generate power from a solar array it is necessary to know how much DC power the panels make.   

Our most popular setup is with one single battery, you can begin with this set up but depending on your power requirements you can add more batteries to the system at any given time. 

The life of the battery. All batteries are expensive – one important thing to consider is their life expectancy. The harder you work on the battery, the shorter its life span will be. Therefore it is best to use a high-quality battery, cheaper batteries will cost you more money in the long run!

Sunsynk use battery cells that are produced by CATL, which produces the cells for leading automotive brands such as Tesla Automotive and BMW. We consider these to be the most efficient cells available on the current market, we want your system to function efficiently for as many years as possible.

How much power can you charge and discharge at any one time? The last thing to consider is the C rating, this is the maximum power that you can charge/discharge the battery. Sunsynk batteries have a C rating of 0.5.

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